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        TheThinking Habit That Changed My Life

        Iremember one evening three years ago, when my life was very different. I wasoverweight. I was deeply in debt. I was a smoker. I felt hopeless and helpless.I couldn’t change anything.

        Then Ilooked up at the sky and thought what a miracle life is. And I resolved to listthe good things in my life. I had a wonderful wife. I had five amazing children.I could see and appreciate the beauty of the world around me. The list went on,but you get the idea. Even when things seemed terrible for me, actually I wasOK.

        Thatnight I resolved to be grateful for what I had, and for the people in my life. Istarted the habit of gratitude. Now many people consider it unimportant. I’mhere to tell you that it’s very important. It changes lives.

        Now I appreciate my wife Eva more. I feel good abouthaving her in my life. And we have deepened our relationship. I also appreciatemy kids more. Instead of criticizing them, I tend to notice their loveliness,curiosity and humor. I’m kinder to others around me, at work and everywhereelse, because instead of seeing the faults in everyone, I see the good, and amgrateful for them. I need less, because instead of thinking about what I don’thave, I am grateful for what I do have. Each and every moment becomes cause forgratitude, and life becomes easier.

        Withoutthe habit of gratitude, we tend to complain and see the bad in people and things.We can’t change that at once, but you can do something. For example, you can startwith a small action. Really feel the happiness that something or someone is inyour life, or take a moment to make a list of the things in your life that you’rethankful for.

        1.I was unhappy with my life three years ago.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        2.I drank every day and couldn’t stop it.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        3.I was unable to support my family.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        4.One evening I came to a new understanding of my life.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        5.Many people value the habit of gratitude nowadays.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        6.Now I have a closer relationship with my wife.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        7.I am now more strict with my kids.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        8.I like making friends with people around me.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        9.I now try to see the good in others.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given

        10.A small action doesn’t work to change one’s bad habit.

        A. True B. False C. Not Given



        Dog Training

        Dog training is a must for alldogs. It is more than just telling your dog to stop doing what he’s doing; itis the process of teaching a dog to exhibit certain desired behaviors inspecific circumstances. Proper dog training is not a “quick fix”—it is anongoing process.

        Dog training also involves teaching theowner. Going through dog training is somethingthat every dog owner should do. It is like going to school over again. It isall about communication, and you need to learn to communicate with your dog.

        Training your dog to “sit”is probably the first thing you will train your dog to do. When you want yourdog to sit, hold a treat above his head and say “sit”. As the dog sits, say “sit”again and then immediately give him the treat. Your dog should drop into a “sit”position in order to reach the food.

        Teachingyour dog to fetch promotes bonding. To do this, first throw a ball, and givethe command “fetch”. As he starts to run towards it, yell “fetch” again.Instead of a ball, you may use the object your dog loves most. Do not playfetch with heavy items or sticks, however, as this can damage the dog’s teethor injure the dog.

        A well-trained dogshould remain where his owner commands, so “stay” is an important command indog training as well. Since it is more involved, that will be the subject ofanother article.

        Dog training is a very physical activity, so be preparedto be tired. And dog training is never without risk of injury, especially withmore aggressive dogs. One major mistake many dog owners make is to think thatthe dog training is over. Training your dog continues throughout your dog’slife.

        1.What does the author say about dog training?

        A.It requires professional guidance.B.It is necessary for every dog.

        C.It gives dogs good exercise.D.It is an easy job for trainers.

        2.What is the most important thing for dog trainers to do?

        A.Learn to communicate with dogs.

        B.Give dogs timely encouragement.

        C.Create right circumstances for dogs.

        D.Teach dogs desired behaviors.

        3.Dog trainers usually train their dogs first to ________.



        4.To train dogs to fetch, trainers often start with a ________.



        5.Many dog owners tend to think that dog training ________.

        A.can be dangerousB.costs much money

        C.takes a short timeD.can be very tiring


        1.A2.C3.C4.A 5.B





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