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      成人自考英 語(二)2017年4月真題(2)

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        AncientGreek Values

        ❶ Ancient Greek civilization has greatly helped thebuilding of today’s society. Many countries now still base their laws andethics (倫理) on the teachings and doings of ancient Greeks. In everyday life,ancient Greeks valued loyalty, glory, intelligence and hospitality (好客). These may seem simple values, but theydid effectively shape ancientGreeceinto a most referenced culture in history.

        ❷ During ancientGreece, men were required to go toschool and learn. Boys were taught at home until they were 6 years old and thensent off to school. Ancient Greek schools featured a structure that had boys inschool from the age of six until fourteen and then an optional additional fouryears. The boys were trained in arts and in citizen training. Citizen training prepared Greek boysfor two aspects of adult life, which were peace and war.

        ❸ Glory for young men in ancientGreecewas thesame as fame to young people today. Stories of war glories and battles werehanded down to young men so that they desired to make their names along withthe victory of a battle.

        ❹ Helping your fellow man was an important aspect oflife in ancientGreece.Ancient Greeks were kind and generous. They offered food, shelter andprotection to travelers without question. They believed that helping others wastheir brotherly duty.

        ❺ Loyalty is perhaps the most important value of ancient Greekcivilization. It was stressed in everything the Greeks did. They believed inloyalty to the family, the community and most importantly to the gods. The godsof ancientGreeceoften sent tests to citizens. Keeping faith through the tests was a sign ofloyalty and belief.

        Task 1

        1. Paragraph❶:

        2. Paragraph❷:

        3. Paragraph❸:

        4. Paragraph❹:

        5. Paragraph❺:A.Education in ancientGreece

        B.Friendliness of ancient Greeks

        C.Wars in ancientGreece

        D.Impact of ancient Greek values

        E.Top value of ancient Greeks

        F.Sense of honor of ancient Greeks

        Task 2

        6.Ancient Greek values are held ________.

        7.Young men in ancientGreecewere required ________.

        8.Young Greeks had a strong desire ________.

        9.Ancient Greeks saw it as a duty ________.

        10.Ancient Greeks stressed loyalty ________.

        A.to go to school

        B.in many countries

        C.to achieve honor

        D.in whatever they did

        E.to study law

        F.to help others




        ThePower of Positive Thinking

        Humanemotion is one of those factors that cannot be defined exactly. The reason isthat it is quite uncertain. We cannot change the feelings that are roused whenwe experience different things. 1

        Some people forget that they are in control. They maketheir choices based on their emotions. They experience failure and loss and lettheir emotions rule their decisions. They are trapped in their sadness andthus, experience more failure.

        Somepeoplesaytheyneedaluckybreaktorecoverfromtheirfailures. 2 They need to get over their failures on theirown. But how do they do that? The answer is: positive thinking.

        Peopleoften fail to realize the power of positive thinking. 3 They fail to realize that they only need to overcometheir fears in order to truly succeed in life. They just have too much prideand are blinded of their own shortcomings.

        Thepower of positive thinking lies in belief. 4 You makethe decisions that affect your life. You may not be able to change yourenvironment, but you are able to change the way you react to it.

        The power of positive thinking lies beyondfalse courage. You need to take another look at the world around you. 5 You can’trest on your success, or foolish pride will cause you to make wrong decisions.

        A.They fail to realize that their worst enemy lies within themselves.

        B.However, we must always remember that we can control our reactions.

        C.You can’t just take a look at your failures, or you will lose hope.

        D.We can benefit a lot from positive thinking.

        E.However, life rarely gives people a break.

        F.You need to believe that you are in control.






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